"Always" Lyrics

You are,

Quietly but decidedly changing your mind again.

It must feel good to be,

Going back on what you said,

When you’re living a right that feels wrong.

It’s fine with me if you want to be,

Speaking in different tongues.

There’s poetry and a sense of ease,

In learning new routes to go.

It’s time to live with love,

It’s time to go,

Where it ends I don’t know,

But who cares when it’s,

You and I,

[Breathing the open air]

Breathing the open air,

It’s our time.

[And with open minds]

And with open minds,

[I know the future will]


Always be yours and mine.

Finally it’s you and me,

Racing through life again,

With new eyes and new dreams,

You’ve got the same spark that you used to when we found,

The time to live with love,

The time to go.

We may have lost our way but,

Who cares when it’s,


I can feel in the waters,

I feel it in the nervous rush of blood that fills my ears,

I can hear it in the echo,

The sound of what we used to be becoming;


Always be yours and mine.